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Welcome to Settlebeck online portal

by Steven Bramall -

If you are self isolating or forced to work from home, just log onto the course/unit we are studying and continue with the topics everyone else will be completing. 

Log on with your normal Microsoft email and password.

Work for Year 9 and Year 10 Computer Science January 12th

by Steven Bramall -

This week we can get back into programming so find this course

Please can you scroll to the bottom and find the section called "Defining Subroutines in Python"

Just for Tuesday lesson, do a bit of programming revision and create the simple programme using the lesson link

During this week please can you work on the practice programming excersie

Create a simple program that asks the user to enter TWO numbers. The function called "calculate(): " will perform 4 bits of simple maths         Full details at the bottom of the course page and a link to upload the finished work

Work for Year 7 and 8 During January lockdown

by Steven Bramall -

Online ScratchPlease can you click on the link below which gives all the detail of the work for all year 7 and 8 students in the week(s) affected by the January 2021 lockdown.     

You may need to scroll down to the section called

"Using the online version of Scratch"

It will force you to log into the site. Please select the Microsoft button on the login page and use your normal school email and password.

Scratch CartoonTask two: Creating a Cartoon on Scratch: Large project - deadline is Half term. Scroll down to Bottom of page


Work for Year 11 Computer Science

by Steven Bramall -

It would be good to give you a longer task for the next 3-4 weeks or so so you can really get your teeth into something substantial.

We started the NEA task last term and I think it would be good practice to get this as far as you can. All the materials are on the Exams course and I will add a space to upload it for feedback. I will add my own version shortly as a fallback. You would normally spend upto 15 hours programming this so how about spending 3 x 3 lessons to see how far you can get. The section needs a txt file which you can download.

If this is too much, you could do the whole task but just as an algorithm (flowchart). We started this in class, but you could continue. Any issues just email me.

UPDATE: it is likely that your final GCSE grade will be a combination of your mock, this NEA and some other task - full details to follow.