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Practical exam for year 9/10 GCSE Assessments


This is a basic course in Scratch but will eventually use some advanced techniques


We will start by developing a HTML website learning how pages are contructed. We will learn about webhosting and how to upload files to make the website visible to the whole world. we will learn about web technologies such as H5P, bootstrap, ftp/sftp, javescript and more...


This course will teach you how to understand, create and edit digital sound


This is the pure programming skills course that is the fundamental of the whole GCSE. We will look at a range of Python3 based techniques and by the end you should become a competent programmer. We will develop a range of programming tasks and then move on to use the PyGame library to build real time animated games ... lots of fun!


In this course we will focus on the Non Exam Assessment task. Usually this is as set task to take approximately 20 hours. For the 2021 exam special arrangement, students ARE allowed to take files home t work on outside the normal classroom.

We will begin by working through a previous one before having a look at the real one for 2021


Please find here all the general key stage 3 materials for IT and the key stage 4  Computer Science including syllabus, all your grades from each course and the scheme of work

ks3 ict and cs.jpgks3 ict and cs.jpg

This is an introduction to the Microbit